Scrublz Organic Cleaning 

Bringing Nature Home

              Successfully owned and operated since 2002

THANK YOU ...                                                                     for visiting the Scrublz website. Please view each page for a full description of services, pricing, guidelines and several excellent references.

As noted in SERVICES, Scrublz is a local soleproprietor business which operates with a current Arizona and Washington state license, a clean bond and stable insurance. Prices are listed in SERVICES. Scrublz donates a portion of its proceeds to D.A.W.N., a Washington state non-profit organization.

You're invited to watch the video on the left about who I am and the history of Scrublz Organic Cleaning. 

I anticipate serving you!


Orenda Ayashe - Owner/Operator

Phone: 602-486-0674

Phone: 206-960-0663


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