Scrublz Organic Cleaning 

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What Clients are saying!..

(Scrublz also proudly contracts for American Classic Real Estate (Renton).

"I don't know what I'll do when you leave. You've always been  trustworthy." 

-M. Mackey, Issaquah 2019

"What are we going to do after you move to Arizona?" - 'Auntie' S. Kyes, Renton 2019

"Thank you so much for my nice clean house! Such a pleasure to come home to."

-L. Foulk, Maple Valley 2019

"I love coming home after you've been here." - L Granger, Renton 2018

"She's the first cleaner I've had who I personally like." - B. Oleson, Maple Valley 2018

"The place feels great, thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help."

- B. MacLennan, Issaquah 2018

"Our family wants to thank you for going above & beyond your obligation to us during your last visit to our home. I will always be thankful for your quick thinking and cool head during an emergency situation. Thank you for being such an outstanding person. Our family will always be grateful to you. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We look forward to seeing your smiling face, cheerful spirit & hearing your kind words every month.

- Shawn, Patricia, Sterling & Tyson Brown, Issaquah 2017

"Thanks for another reliably fantastic job!" - J. Cambridge, Newcastle  2017


"Thank you for your wonderful work, cheerful everything and overall loveliness. We are so grateful to have your help and you are on top of our list of people that we're thankful for."

 - The Osser Family, Shoreline 2017   

"It's not just the cleaning that you do. It feels like you leave a happy pleasant energy in the house after you're gone. I'm SO glad that we've also become good friends."                                         - C. & M. Powell, Renton  2015

"We used to debate about who was going to clean! It's so nice to come home after you've been here and just relax and enjoy it. You saved us! Thanks for all your hard work, we really appreciate it!"  - L. Moran, Maple Valley 2006

"You're FANTASTIC!" - Cory Fitzner, Bellevue ("Fitz In The Morning" 100.7 Wolf Radio) 2012

"Everything always smells so good! You are very special to us, and we appreciate what you do here."    - J.Boelter, Burien (r.i.p.)  2006

"Thanks for taking good care of my house this year!" 

- T. Trompeter, Seattle (C.E.O. Healthpoint) 2009

"Thank you so much for the great work!"  - The Hubbards, Kent 2006

"You do such a wonderful job for us! You're number one!" 

- J. Corry, Bellevue (Owner of "Gilt" BellSquare)  2008

"Everything is so nicely arranged, I love it! You even make my messy bed!" 

- L. Tien, Bellevue 2008

"I wish I could have you daily. Having you you here is great! You've become like family. 

-D. Wilks,  DesMoines 2009

"You're an honest worker, I like that..." - P. Hepeworth, Renton  2011

"The kids just LOVE you!" - P. Zurcher, Renton (Realtor) 2010

"There's a higher energy while you're here that makes the house feel good. It lasts for a week after you've gone! Thank you so much for being a bright star in our lives. I love the energy, love and beauty that you bring into our home." - C. Tinker, Sammamish 2012

"I don't know what we would do without you!" - The Roberts', Kirkland  2012

"My husband said, 'Every time Orenda is here, it's like a gift." - Di Thomas, Kirkland 2010

"I love how you're cleaning & organizing the house. It's great to come home to! Thanks for all your great work!" - M. Dewey, Montlake 2011

"You're the best house cleaner I've ever had." - V. Bronson, Bellevue (r.i.p.) 2005

"You've been doing a really good job here Orenda!"  - C. Brinck, Bellevue 2007

"What I really love about you is, you're authentic." - T. Moore, Maple Valley (Artist) 2009

"You're wonderful and I love and appreciate your friendship." - B. Nilson, Renton 2007

"Thank you so much for everything you do to help take care of our family. You put a smile on our faces every time you come to our house, and you are so good to us! Thank you, with all of our heart!" -The Lysovas, Renton 2006

"Thank you so much for your excellent work & wonderful disposition. You're a joy to be around!" - The Browns, Shoreline 2015

"I appreciate your work, but even more I love your happy Spirit. You are refreshing! Thanks for all that you do for us at Maid in the Northwest!" 

-L. Christianson, Seattle (Owner Maid N.W.) 2010

"Just wanted to send you an email to say THANK YOU, for the great job you did at my mom's place. The house looks just great, and is now on the market. So thank you very much. My Mom would've been very proud and happy that her house is looking so good."  

-J. Mathew, Burien (Artist)  2014

"My house looks so good thanks to you. So nice to come home to a clean place!" 

-K. Koelker, Renton (Fmr. Mayor of Renton) 2014

"Thanks for everything you do for us!" -D.  Kyes (Renton Rotary) 2017